Birthday – August Poem 31

mist_gardenI was born during a
thungerstorm.  That’s
what they told me, anyway.  It was
10:32 PM and storming .
I could have started
with “It was a dark
and stormy night.” But
I didn’t. It looks
like the weather is getting
ready to celebrate tonight
with rain and thundering – HAPPY

Clothesline – August Poetry # 26


Hanging clothes on a line
strung between trees. All
connected, clothespin to
line to clothespin.

A squirrel hunter once charged
toward me through the woods.
Making me remember another
mother hanging a fluffy,
white mitten, mistaken for
a leaping whitetail deer.

I take down the slightly
stiff clothes, folding them into
the basket.

Sewing Machine – August Poem #23


Sewing machine

The sewing machine sits on
the table.

Mean-ma locks her children
outside, snowsuits tightly

Tiny flowered fabric
I never finished
“it didn’t look like

Olive mini dress,
new afro
smiling on grandmother’s porch.

My sister’s blue sleeves sewn
while the ’67 riot raged
neighbors shared liquor from a
looted store.

My mother pouring rum out,
hammering the bottle to