Laundromat Hummingbird collage

Flying so fast his

wings blur, the humingbird

darts from flower to

flower. By the time

I get my camera, he’s



The hummingbird flew

up close to the ceiling,

near the big vent pipes

against the laundromat

ceiling. She took off her

shoe, climbing on the table

trying to hit him. Her friends

laugh. I leave.



Pottery Mask

cards sent 8_30_2016It was hot in the old gym.

Three fans kept the temperature

bearable as we walked

slowly down the aisles looking

for differences in the pieces. I

recognized some techniques now,

but so many pieces blended

into each other.  Naked raku

was rare. The cross hatched

shallow garlic olive oil bowl

was different. When we left the heat

had risen. There was nothing so unique

as a tulip helmet.