“Pond” by Wayne Thiebaud

At home the leaves will

be changing colors, dropping

into the lake where they

will float red, gold and


Here the squirrels throw down

their pecan shells onto

the driveway, making our

autumn alert system. The

grey sky barely visible through

the still green canopy.


Mosiac by Carolyn Monteilh

The first window I

remember looking

out of was when I was

three, watching the

milkman and his horse.

Later, there was a pink

Cadillac, the mother locking

her little boys outside,

the police with guns drawn,

the shooting.

Today, two dogs run down the street.

Autumn #2

A golden leaf spotted

with brown and holes is stuck

in the neglected

rose bush.

A slight breeze moves it

back and forth, up and


The driveway now littered

with pecan shells the squirrels

discard high in the tree

overhead, grey skies. Maybe

autumn rains tonight.